Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favourite Things: Skins

Skins is one of those shows like the Sopranos that you know are bad for you but you can't help yourself. The British drama now famous for its unabashed portrayal of Youth in Excess is now gearing up for it's 5th season. The show is also famous for changing up its cast every two seasons keeping the story lines fresh and perhaps a tad realistic,something their saccarine American counterparts (ahem One Tree Hill) can learn from. The show is also renown for the its large ensemble of young amateur writers which reinforces its relevance and Pop culture credentials.

Since I first watched skins I've seen the kids, for they are real kids, battle drugs, depression, homosexuality. drugs, sex, death and abortion with real human passion and feeling. Problems are not quickly solved with a text to Gossip Girl nor are petty rumours and that new dress integral to the show's plot. All in all, a good effort though the constant profanity and delinquency raise the PG rating of skins way above the PG-13 of most teenage dramedies. Plus the show has a cool indie Brit soundtrack.

Generation 1: The pioneer cast from Season 1 & 2.

Generation 2: The Cast from Season 3 & 4

On a sad note, an American remake of the show is in the offing. Needless to say it will be bland and tastelessly adapted for American television.


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