Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Bands of 2010

My music collection continued to grow by leaps and bounds through 2010... OK not really but here are some of my favourite albums thus far:


The South African band with a big sound reminiscent of Hendrix. Their performances are equally electrical live and their brassy Jozi style has garnered them many followers.

2.) 340ml

The Mozambican quartet that has now become a staple on the Southern African circuit. Their jazzy elcleticism makes for easy listening with some danceable numbers thrown in for good measure - like the early UB40. And no I am not obsessed with Mozambique!

3.) The Black Keys

And from the US we have the blues duo The Black Keys. This is a nice albums for sunday afternoon chilling,


Anonymous said...


Just downloaded a Blk Jks album, albeit illegally, and I haven't listened to them yet but I hear they're really good. says so, so I believe.

Mũdũ wa Mũmbi said...

I tend to believe what the internet tells me as weel so it must be true! Enjoy the album.

Anonymous said...

I will. Oh and I'm starting a blog (new year's reasolution). Currently fussing over names. Once I've picked one out, please pay a visit to the blog. Your opinion would be appreciated.

Mũdũ wa Mũmbi said...


Make sure you send me the link when you do. All the best.

Anonymous said...



It's really rough-drafty right now. I'm still trying to get my bearing. Please check it out though.

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