Friday, December 3, 2010

Favourite Things: The Molskine

While browsing in a bookshop I stumbled on a rack labeled Moleskine. The neatly ordered books sat in their racks unassuming but there was something about their bland exterior and unassuming looks that screamed sophistication. My first Molskine I bought was the Pocket Ruled Notebook in hard cover. On the from it read "The legendary notebook of Chatwin , Picasso and Hemingway" and almost immediately my writers curiosity was aroused fueled by my vanity. My second Moleskine was a large red diary for 2011. It seats unopened on my desk but I can't help but admire the clean design, the vivid colour or the over the top price tag. But I like the books maybe because I'm vain or perhaps because writing everything down the old-fashioned way has a genuine charm to it, as if my writings will be eternal like Hemingway.


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