Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Some People Wanna Fill the World (With Silly Love Songs)

So Monday was V Day, the most saccharine, annoying and down right nasty of all (non) holidays. There were wall to wall roses and a general sense of false euphoria enveloped the air. I would have been in a good mood had I not been dumped on Sunday. The boy I was seeing, for at the end of the day they are all boys Mannish or otherwise, told me in that I was simply to good for him and that I deserved much much more including being alone for the umpteenth time on Valentine's day and forever more.

Perhaps the irony was lost on him.

He was a nice enough fellow, as nice as you could hope a Nairobi guy to be. He nearly worshiped me and perhaps he idealized the idea of me a bit to much but nobody ever complained seriously of being given attention. Plus he was cute and intelligent and sufficient and sweet.

So he was adequate.

And these days adequate is a PLUS. Way better than mediocre. The thing is he always felt like I was going to leave him as soon as something better came along and perhaps this insecurity led him to cut his losses and head for the hills.

So that's TWO failed relationships in as many months. There appears to be one constant in this equation. So perhaps I should give up whatever it is I'm looking for. In the mean time I'll gather my posse and we'll talk about all those silly TV programmes with their unrealistic plot lines and expectations and the silly people who want to fill the world with silly love songs. Easy FM and Classic 105 I mean you! 

In the mean time, here's my New imaginary boyfriend:

Other Pretty Young Things can be found here

And here is Sir Paul McCartney & Wings


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the irony was lost on him.

Just like a flowing river, so is life. New waters will come your way, and thou shall be refreshed!

Mũdũ wa Mũmbi said...

@Sinai Safi: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I hope your right.

Anonymous said...


Lucky you, at least you've had guys. My turf has been dry for months [excluding random hook-ups]. As for the imaginary boyfriend, he's cute but better can be found at Enjoy picking.

Oh, and my blog is fully functional now so feel free to drop by.

Mũdũ wa Mũmbi said...

@A: Your absolutely right, the over used line by Tenyson "Tis better to have love and lost: Than never to have loved at all" rings true.

I disagree with you on the second part has a much better selection of iCandy - Hardly any women!

subbie said...

I'm a straight girl. I enjoy the way you write...and i love your imaginary boyfriend :D

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