Saturday, June 12, 2010


While having an argument with my best friend, he pointed out that he should have figured I was a gay a long time ago since ceratin things I did were self-evident. He inevitably pointed out to the fact that my music is gay. So here is my big fat gay playlist of the day:

  • Temptation is Too Hard To Fight – George McGregor & The Bronzettes
  • Powerful Love – Chuck and Mac
  • Going To Make a Time Machine – The Majestic Arrows
  • If I Had a Little Love (Rehearsal) - The Majestic Arrows
  • I’ll Never Cry For Another Boy (Rehearsal) - The Majestic Arrows
  • I Love You Baby – Movers
  • Pain In My Heart – Helene Smith
  • Willing and Able - Helene Smith
  • Crooked Woman – Edd Henry
  • It’s Meant To Be – Krystal Generation
  • I'm Gonna Gitcha - Chip Willis & Double Exposure
  • You and Me – Penny & The Quarters (an idyllic sunday afternoon track)
  • You're The Only Thing I've Got Going For Me – Bill Wright
  • Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo - Franco
Most of these come from a fantastic collection called Eccentric Soul from the Numero Group. A group of guys got together and unearthed old singles (mostly from the 60s and early 70s) that have since been forgotten (that explains why nobody has a clue what who these people are). Nonetheless all these songs are written and performed by a brilliant people who deserve to be celebrated alongside Stax and Mowtown Records mainstays and not banished into oblivion. Theses people invented a brand new sound and defined a culture.

I stumbled on the compilation while frantically searching for Temptation is Too Hard To Fight by George McGregor & The Bronzettes which I heard on an episode of Mad Men –the sexiest show on television-, I’ve been hooked on the show and the albums ever since. Artists in those days had a charming way with names. Pity we don't see that anymore. This is music that is self-conscious and thoughtful, music about makeups and breakups and the funny thing is, there are no swear words, none! I'm particularly fond of Eccentric Soul Vol. 6: Twinight's Lunar Rotation. Twinight collapsed in 1972 but it left a lasting legacy. At Least for me.

They didn't have music videos then, but have a listen anyway.

Franco however needs little introduction unless of course you’re under the age of 40. His song comes from the album The Rough Guide To Franco: Africa’s Legendary Guitar Maestro. And he is, this track comes from his much later work (1982), I have no idea what he says but it's a beautiful song, mature and subdued yet sensual. He inspired generations of Lingala musicians and other musicians as well.

From the Producer came the sound!


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